What VMPS can do for you

VMPS can perform in supply chain and procurement functions regardless of size. VMPS offers an attractive business model that is cash flow friendly. This may be especially important to small and mid-cap companies.

Client profiles that could benefit from VMPS include:

  • Shareholders from fast growing small companies that wonder if the current supply chain partners, processes and contracts are performing at top yield.
  • Private equity that require a step change in productivity in one of their investments through Supply Chain and Procurement transformation.
  • Large companies that need an assessment and/or interim executive manager.

Van Motman Procurement Solutions can be your independent partner to maximize success in the areas of supply chain and procurement.

VMPS could operate in the following roles:

  • Strategic advisor
  • Interim Director Procurement
  • Interim Director Supply Chain
  • Interim Director Strategic Procurement
  • Interim Leader Procurement Transformation
  • Interim consultant Strategic Procurement
  • Interim Leader Supply Chain Transformation
  • Interim Executive Procurement function
  • Interim Director Operations
  • Interim Excecutive Supply Chain function

VMPS is using proven strategies, tools and processes that have generated succes in a broad spectrum of industries, locally and globally.


VMPS is using proven strategies, tools and processes that have generated success in 3 major industries - FMCG, Technology and Healthcare - in Europe and the USA. These succeses are summarized in case examples sorted by industry (FMCG, Healthcare or Technology), Expertise (Procurement or Supply Chain) or Results (Business Process, Cost Reduction, Organizational Transformation, System or Working Capital Reduction). Cases can be found using the search function below.

If you enter for example Procurement you will see the procurement results I have achieved in 3 industries. Alternatively you can select the colored boxes below.